Where will the swim portion of the race be located?

The swim for the XTERRA Auburn and Tri Chewacla Sprint Triathlon will take place at Lake Chewacla inside the beautiful Chewacla State Park.  The swim course will be a rolling time-trial start, which means that athletes will one-by-one with 2 to 3 seconds in between each other.  A timing mat will start each athletes time at the time they enter the water.

Will there be medical assistance available?

Yes! There will be lifeguards in the water and medical professionals available throughout the entirety of the event.

Can my friends and family watch the event?

While friends and family are not allowed inside the transition area or on the course during the race, they are encouraged to watch from a number of great viewing locations around the course.

Chewacla State Park will have various points along the run route and along the lake shore which are great locations for friends and family to watch the race.  There will also be plenty of room along the road and near the finish chute to watch athletes during events.

What should I have in the transition area?

Most importantly, your bike! You’ll want running shoes and, if you have them, cycling shoes. You’ll also need your bike helmet, your run number, water/sports drink bottles, any gel/nutrition that you need, and pants or a jacket in case its cool outside. In addition, it’s good to have a towel for a quick dry off after the swim. Remember, you are not allowed to have outside help at any time during the race, so make sure EVERYTHING you need to race is in the transition area before the race starts.

What is the water temperature?

The temperature of Lake Chewacla changes depending on the season and current weather conditions, however the water temperature in July will be too warm for a wetsuit according to USAT rules.

Are there any age restrictions on who can do a triathlon or duathlon?

Yes, we have restrictions depending on the distance: Youth Triathlon: Minimum age of 6 on December 31st in the year of the event,  Sprint Triathlon:  Minimum age of 12 on December 31st in the year of the event.

Why do I need to purchase a USAT membership?

In accordance with USAT requirements, all competitors at all USAT sanctioned events must have a USAT license. You may purchase an annual license, which is $45 for adults and $15 for youth, at their website: www.usatriathlon.org. You may also purchase a one day license, which is $12 for adults and $10 for youth when registering for the event. USAT members must present their current membership card at packet pick-up, or they will be required to purchase a one day license at that time.

What is meant by USAT Sanctioned?

The USA Triathlon (USAT) sanctioning process ensures that each event has agreed to take the outlined steps to ensure a safe and fair race. In turn, this allows USAT athletes the ability to compete in quality events and potentially become a nationally ranked athlete.

Where can I find a copy of the USAT Rules?

You can find a copy of the USAT rules and a description of the most commonly violated rules on their website.

How long should it take me to complete the triathlon?

There is no set time that you should aim for. Goal finish times are different for everyone and you should decide, based on your training and current ability level, a finish time that you can be proud of.

Will I be able to change after the swim?

Before the bike and run portions, you will be able to “change” into anything you place by your bike, in the transition area. However, the transition area is in no way protected (i.e. you’re in full view of everyone), so you’ll want to make sure you exit the swim wearing at least your base layer of clothing.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you swim in the clothes you plan to wear for the duration of the race. You can purchase special shorts that are ideal for both swimming (fit tight to the skin) and biking (lightly padded for comfort). You can also buy a “running singlet” which is made of a tight fitting material that is easy to swim in and dries quickly. If you prefer, you can put shorts or a shirt on over your swim clothes when you get to the transition area but beware of cotton – it dries slowly and chafes! We do not recommend trying to pull lycra-type shorts/shirts on over a wet body. The main thing to remember is – the more drying off and getting dressed you do, the slower your transition (and overall race) time is!